Cladindo specializes in innovative wall claddings made from 100% recycled Indonesian teakwood as well as creative combinations that incorporate local stone. Our original products range from rough and rustic “unfinished’ looks to beautifully smooth and polished panels which are crafted to the highest production standards.

Our wood or combination cladding is the ideal interior solution for a quirky kitchen backsplash, a feature wall that stands out, a bar in a high-end restaurant or a hotel reception area. We provide an extensive array of cladding options and are open to customized orders to fully anticipate your customers’ needs as a supplier of quality building materials.

In our effort to use only old reclaimed teak, we have sourced a vast array of different woods, each with its own unique character. Our collection includes waste furniture, discarded 100 year old Javanese wooden houses and colorful fishing boats that have been abandoned under the sun along the Indonesian coastline. We then repurpose this wood to create superior cladding products that add texture and charm to any interior project.

Our base materials are 100% procured using waste wood. Therefore, no trees are cut down and there is no negative impact on the environment in the production of our beautiful panels. Sustainability is our primary goal; therefore we strive for minimal harm to our surroundings whilst benefiting local communities. Due to the use of natural material, we allow a slight variation in colour and size of the mosaic as part of the beauty of the product.

We invite you to browse at all of the products and listed specifications that we currently have available. Please feel free to contact us directly with any queries you may have via email info@claddingindonesia.com

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